TIRO Packages

We offer a variety of coaching packages which allow you to make a decision of how long we will work together. We also offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to try-before-you-buy!

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Coaching Testimonials

I and a others loved Jackie.  I think she would be someone that should be invited back to teach 1 or more classes.  Have a great weekend!


Hi Jackie!What a special treat watching you teach yesterday!   I have seen hundreds and hundreds of teachers and I must tell you that you are a true GEM! and one of the BEST ever!   You are professional, knowledgeable, VERY FUNNY!, charming, articulate and smart.  You told the best stories and participants were very engaged.  There is a student who is often angry at instructors but she was totally engaged with you!

And I loved the way you dress!!!  You owned the room! Bill please bring Jackie back to teach.   She is one of the very best teachers I have seen in my entire career.


Jackie’s energy and passion have the ability to empower beyond a person’s most extreme expectations.  I am confident that Jackie would be empowering for any team to which you direct her, such as sales, HR, quality assurance, supply chain, etc.  As Jackie likes to say, “We are assuming the sale!”  With Jackie Welch, success is not an “if.” With Jackie Welch, success is only a matter of “when.”


It is a pleasure and my honor to recommend Jackie Welch as an Interview and Career Coach.  Ms. Welch has distinguished herself by providing outstanding professional service, advice and assistance with preparing me for an interview leading to a career promotion as a healthcare leader.

Coach Welch was vital to my preparation and eventual selection process.  She reviewed the job announcements, my resume and helped me identify unique skills that would illustrate my experience, therefore ensuring that my application would stand out as the best qualified candidate.   Additionally, she conducted a mock interview and asked me high level performance based interview questions as a rehearsal for my upcoming interviews.  Coach Welch was able to provide me with “key” words and phrases that I could use during the interview process in order to effectively articulate my experiences, qualifications and skills that would more efficiently synchronize with the origination’s mission, vision and objectives.

Utilizing stellar training skills, Coach Welch taught me how to provide clear, concise answers in response to Performance Based Interview questions.  Her coaching, mentorship and professional advice was extremely insightful and ultimately resulted in my selection for the position.  It is my privilege to plege my continued support and recommendation for Coach Welch as a professional Interview and Career Coach.

– Annette

“TIRO helped me a great deal with my future plans to move forward in my career. It had been years since I had interviewed for a senior executive position and thought I was ready to meet the challenge of my next multi-disciplinary performance-based interview. I consulted Jackie and I took her advice – to engage her services in a mock interview process – that was the best advice for sure. During this process, I shared with Jackie the job announcement, job requirements and how I felt my skills best matched the job through a series of executive core qualification responses. From there Jackie prepared a series of questions that she asked of me during a one hour mock interview. This was invaluable! As I navigated through her questions and responded with answers that I thought any top executive would be impressed by – Jackie was able to coarse correct my responses by providing me immediate feedback and coaching that supported a better response to the question. Her coaching was very candid, honest, and done in such a way that truly represented that she has her finger on the pulse in identifying what top executives are looking for in their leaders. Good News – I got the job! I want to express my sincere gratitude for her consultation and help and would recommend her services to anyone who is looking to make their next career move.”


Hi Jackie,

“Today I attended the Executive Admin Event and Vendor Fair in San Jose, and I wanted to thank you again for your words of wisdom and inspiration, it reaffirmed something that has been on my mind to do that I have been too scared to do.  Thank you for what you do; and the way you do it!  You have inspired me.  My Goal is set, now I have to make the plan and WORK IT!! Best regards,”

– Theresa

“Jackie is the consummate professional. Timely, accountable, pleasant, and a fantastic listener. As a coach, I have found her to be a great confidant as well as a great champion for growth and shifting out of comfort zones. She is adept at knowing when to challenge and press for forward action as well as being a great cheerleader when the situation calls for it. My life has been enriched from my experience working with Coach Jackie. ”

– Sheryl B.

“Having never worked with a  coach before, I really did not know what to expect. Wow, was I surprised! I found out I could make it whatever I needed. Working with Jackie has been great. Her calm, non-judgmental and life-affirming demeanor has allowed me to explore different aspects of my life with the help of a fresh perspective. We tend to view our own lives solely from where we stand. It’s great to be able to expand my view and see my life from new and different angles. Jackie’s training and also her natural knack for life has produced a great coach/client relationship for us. And she’s fun! The downside of all this is that I see there is much work needed in my life. The upside is that I see there is much work needed in my life. yes, downside and upside are one and the same. But with a change of perspective, moving forward and working to make changes in my life is no longer something to dread, but something to welcome and be excited about. Thanks, Jackie! ”

– Wanda P.

” Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much my sweet beautiful Jackie for meeting with me and sharing your amazing knowledge/ wisdom! BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT !!! I am sooooooo blessed to have the gift of your time! Wow, it was literally life changing- no more negative self talk, no more assuming, resentment- learning ..etc! I feel like a new person today.”


“I wanted to take the time to send you a note saying thank you so much for Saturday. After returning from vacation I felt sluggish, however your event was the “pick-me-up” I needed to get back focused in the game. You’re charismatic, charming, vivacious, fun to listen to and very graceful and beautiful. I was proud to witness you in action. Words can’t express how much impact your event had on me. I hope you had a nice weekend and pls I am highly interested in the next event. I can always browse the site, but wanted to let you know I learned so much and left pumped up for more success.”

– Farita

“I was in an exciting and depressing time in my life all at the same time. Last year I was planning a wedding and going through a very tough time at work. Not to mention I was also trying to lose weight to fit into my wedding gown. Jackie Welch with TIRO Life Coaching came into my life and helped me get everything back on track. Jackie helped me get organized based on my vision. She allowed me to walk through every thought and emotion to get to the root of the issue, gain clarification and move towards my goal. I was able to see myself without feeling judged (the good and the bad). Within my daily life I can see that I handle my thoughts and emotions (and therefore actions) differently because I have a clearer understanding of what triggers certain feelings. I gained control. Jackie is a good listener and she gives good feedback. She relatable and understanding, but she holds you accountable. I did lose the weight, the wedding was beautiful and I am still working towards that career that I dream of.

– Portia H.